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1/1/2012 -- Midwest storm outbreak -- DAMAGING WINDS DETECTED over Missouri

2012 is starting out to be a very busy year --- the other events (7.0M in japan, and birds falling out of the sky in Beebe, AR) .. now we have a freak severe cell outbreak in Missouri USA. Clearly you can see the strong cells breaking out over central Missouri -- west to Kansas City damaging winds are being detected along with strong cells. This is rather unexpected (the severe weather) .. none was forecast and NO WARNINGS are issued on this. Be safe if you're travelling tonight.. damaging winds can mean either straight line gusts or vortex rotation. Either way, pay attention and drive safe. here are several links to monitor this unexpected severe cell outbreak over Missouri -- and the winter storm passing through the North USA: Several links to monitor below: http http http ----------------------------------------------- "..because every dark cloud has a ...

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