Why No Peace in the Middle East? Tares are burning

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Why no Peace in the Middle East?
Why No Peace in the Middle East? Tares are burning and killing each others - Matt.13.v24-30.
Middle East is hot place and this will spread to the rest of the world. Religious fanaticism will dominate the scene whilst the Chosen People are the Nation of Priests, the moral teachers.
Abraham was a righteous person and He created Peace in the region. So, are the sons of Abraham called Salt of the Earth or wheat plants planted by our heavenly father Yahweh, the demiurge creator of male and female or Nature at large. If people become faithful to Abraham or become His sons, then they can live Peacefully otherwise they burn and kill each other as they are doing today. Now, how to become faithful sons of Abraham? Abraham was of the Semitic race and he was not a Jew or a Mussallmaan as per these Mohammedans who are mostly infidels as the Christians are. People of Isaac being dominated by spirit have been unfaithful to Abraham and they were thrown out of the Promised Land as that belonged to the sons of Abraham and not those to the sons of Satan, unfaithful to Abraham. This Christ Jesus told in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Isaac whilst the elder one is Ishmael of Arabs who remained faithful to Abraham and stayed with Him. Moses made them to repent and redeemed them through repentance for 40 years in wilderness where they were fed on Manna for survival. Remember Christ Jesus fed the heavenly Bread to the 5000 in the wilderness that was much tastier than Manna. But still the Jews could not be persuaded into the Royal Kingdom of God and they left Christ Jesus when He challenged them that unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus and drink the Blood of Christ, you are no part of me. Jews being drunk with the old wine of letters could not understand this Parable and left Him. So, today these unfaithful to Abraham people are bundled up in the Middle East for the Final Burning - Matt.13.v24-30. If there be people who stick to be the faithful sons of Abraham, they will enjoy Peace and not these unfaithful Jews, Hamas, Fateh, etc, the Tares. Study the Bible with holy spirit, common sense, the companion Christ Jesus has left with us. Disciples of Rabbis were not allowed to use common sense but obey the moral laws to the letters even their house is burning. Permission of Rabbi is required on Sabbath.

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