• Uploaded by Isotrop on Jan 4, 2012
  • Views: 14 --------------- Iran's new advance surface to surface ballistic missile Qeam/Qiam 1 (Rising), has been successfully test fired.

The Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said on Sunday that Qeam is a new class of Iranian missiles, Qeam missiles has been equipped with new technical specifications and exceptional tactical powers.

The Iranian Defense Ministry started supplying large numbers of 'Qiyam (Rise) 1' high-precision ballistic missiles to the Iran's military .

Vahidi said that mass-production of Qiyam 1 missiles indicates Tehran's self-sufficiency in producing different types of missiles.

The very special design of the missile makes its detection by radars and air defense systems difficult, Vahidi added.

According to Iranian Defense Ministry the newly produced ballistic missiles are the product of hard work and extensive research by Iranian experts, adding that they will be delivered to the Iranian Armed Forces in an official ceremony in the near future.

Iranian missile Engineer told Alalam TV, these new missiles enjoys supersonic speed and cannot be tracked or intercepted by enemy," the commander said, adding that missiles can hit targets 800km away with high-precision.

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