Secret Anunnaki Truths: Ultimate Intel Leaked - New Documentary (2012)

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Secret Anunnaki Truths: Ultimate Intel Leaked - Documentary (2012) THESE ARE KEYWORDS ONLY (THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT OF THE DOCUMENTARY): The Anunnaki, also spelled Annunaki, also known as the Elohi...

Secret Anunnaki Truths: Ultimate Intel Leaked - Documentary (2012)

THESE ARE KEYWORDS ONLY (THIS IS NOT A TRANSCRIPT OF THE DOCUMENTARY): The Anunnaki, also spelled Annunaki, also known as the Elohim, which is Hebrew for "gods" (deities also known as watchers) are in the process of returning and will soon we will fully experience their return. The first human civilization that the Anunnaki bestowed upon mankind was Sumer. The ancient Sumerians who occupied ancient Sumeria (modern day Iraq) were hybrids of the existing earth hominids and the gods, or extraterrestrials (aliens) were from planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki gave man truth, and proof of their existence and pending return has been purportedly been leaked to Wikileaks, including footage or reverse-engineered UFOs (i.e anti-gravity chariots, that were, for the ancients, when one was spotted in the sky, a IFO rather than a UFO). YouTube is a cesspool of CIA disinformation and black-op acclimation to New World Order agendas (NWO as in those who engineered it, the international power elite, i.e. the Illuminati) which are largely PSYOPS (including the PSYOP of making people think that the power elite are planning a false flag alien invasion by faking UFO sightings with fake UFOs and military in alien costumes. Well, Project Blue Beam (Bluebeam) is a disinformational psyoptical hoax. Why would the elite weaponize space if the threat to the evil New World Order was not real? Weaponization of space (see: Sergay) costs money (refer to the Nibiru documentary about aliens or the movie's various trailers). Zecharia Sitchin was not connected to HAARP or holograms - was all of his thorough and straightforward archeological research all a sham too? And what about crop circles? Cropcircles were encoded by the Anunnaki and decoded by human scientists as recently as this year, the year 2012. This is the year that YHVH, also known as Yahveh or YHWH (Yahweh) (the ancient Sumerians knew him as Enlil or EN.LIL. He was the same god as the Ehyeh (Elohiym) YHVH. The Elohim YHVH is the one modern human westerners know as "God", the God of the Israelites who most people know from the Old Testament *aka* the Torah, a re-writing of the ancient clay tablets dictated to the Sumerians (ancient Sumerian texts) by the Anunnaki, including YHVH the extraterrestrial in your Bible. Jews and the Jewish faith have their roots in the pre-flood Enlilites. EN.LIL was superior to his brother EN.KI in the way of power in that he was next in line for the throne on Nibiru. The Annunaki gave the Sumerian texts or Sumerian tablets to ancient humans the created because these aliens and benevolent. Zecharia Sitchin determined that YHVH was known by the ancient Sumerians as EN.LIL, and that Yahushua, the half-Anunnaki demigod or half-god Jesus, the Messiah of the Jews (technically a Nephilim or Nefilim but with the power of an enlightened soul) was of YHVH's elite bloodline which was royal and most elite of all Anunnaki bloodlines. The Beni Elohim or Beni-Elohim are the cast-off genetic degenerates known as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the like. These occultists, who are the power elite of Earth, descend from the Igigi, the Nephilim (Nefilim) or fallen angels, and they are Satanists, and, in fact, the invented the term Satanism, though that term is merely a modern name for the evil practices of their secret societies, some of which are linked to the alien Greys, who are the true (non-shapeshifting) reptilians - the Greys are reptilian, but they are not shapeshifters. They probably had the CIA plant the disinformation about a pole shift *AKA* polar shift causing mass enlightenment and spiritual transformation during the apocalypse when the end of the world is upon us and the end game that was orchestrated through black ops, which stands for black operations, and are carried out by the CIA and black intel agencies, like the one that pretends to be the group "Anonymous". Speaking of PSYOPS, howya like the ol' Occupy Wall Street? The CIA mockingbird shill are all over YouTube like chemtrails and solar flares over Earth as ELEnin (Planet X), the Kachina star (have you read the prophecy and the other Hopi Indian prophesies? That is ancient intel, my friend - intelligence leaked by whistleblowers of the past, a whistleblower's whistleblower, known as White Knights, who leak sensitive intell from underground bases and set off nuclear weapons while the media does a full blackout because all Earth media is censored via conspiracy, just like our secret Earth history has been suppressed for so long.

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