Flagging of my Video:- Once-born people of the Boo

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Flagging of my Video:- Once-born people of the Books are haughty dry of spirit.
Gospel is Preached without biased or hatred but to save people from the Pits of sectarian riots that are created by the Anti-Christs. Christ Jesus was most hated in Jerusalem where the clever Jews wanted to fleece the simpletons as in Banaras; the clever Brahmins fleece the pilgrims. Such are the places that need Gospel most and they are the places that hate Christ and His Labourers the most.
Christ James, the Just Preached Gospel in Jerusalem that in God we are neither Jews nor Gentile, man or a woman, etc and people should love each other knowing that when a person is born in India, Africa, Brazil, etc, he was not born of his own will but by the Will of our Father. If you exercise this Gospel Truth, then you do not hate anyone for his country of origin or colour but Love called Agape. So, Gospel is Preached among the twice-born people who exercise Agape Divine Love and not among the once-born animals that have boundaries and in animal nature hate others or in short are racists.
Typical example of the once-born is Margaret Thatcher, whose ego was boosted by the title IRON LADY of Great Britain. Falkland does not belong to United Kingdom but to Argentina. But under animal instinct, Britain wants something that does not belong to him. War was fought and soldiers on both sides died for territorial reign. Poor Dr. Runcie went to Falkland to conduct a service and he wanted to bless the Argentinean soldiers as well. But Margaret Thatcher stopped him doing that telling him that he is employed by the Church of England and not by the Church of Argentine. Poor Runcie being still a slave serving Mammon could not exercise his freewill in Christ Jesus because he was a Hireling. Christ Jesus came to set us Free and this poor guy was still a slave to the Queen, who is the Head of the COE. If this is the case, then the Priests working in the COE and other organised Churches are themselves slaves, then how could they tell others of the Freedom that Christ Jesus bought for us through his own Sacrifice as the Lamb of God? The other most important point is that Margaret Thatcher too exercised animal instinct by barring Dr. Runcie to bless the dead soldiers of Argentine. Or in short Margaret Thatcher was once-born racist. If she herself is racist, then how could she support equality of people? This is well displayed in the government and public offices where the people do not get a fair treatment and these watch dogs are just smokescreens of the hypocrite clever people. This case of Stephen Lawrence is a victory of the Twice-born people who over rid the colour barrier. Racist youths killed him for their government supports racism.
Twice-born people are VERY FEW indeed and we should Preach Gospel of Agape Divine Love that has no territorial boundaries. Opposition from the once-born animals is natural and we should expose them if we need Christ Jesus in our hearts. No Christ in your heart, no ROYAL PRIESTS but dead Dog-Collared Hireling Priests of Mammon.
Finally, one of my Video has been flagged Red or removed due to me stating that the Jews are stiff-necked haughty people for having the Torah of Moses which the Gentile were not given. Letter killeth spirit giveth life. So, the Torah has killed the Jews and Christ Jesus came to give them spirit of Life but they loved the Darkness of Satan and killed Him as outlined in the Parable of Winepress. Now, this flagger of my Video claims that Jews did not kill Jesus and I am inciting people against Jews. Then tell me who killed Jesus as Pilate washed his hands of this affair in the Sun, the Primary Source of Light, and our Father that he is not responsible for the Blood of Christ Jesus. Jews shouted that they will be of the Blood of this innocent man. That is why, the village people started to kill Jews for their unfair killings and they ran to Jerusalem for protection where Roman besieged them. Many were killed, their Temple destroyed forever, suffered overseas. Etc. Now, the time of the Gentile is over and as they are still unfaithful to Abraham, they will be killed again unless they Preach Gospel of Love and Peace in the name of Christ Jesus.

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