Racism.among the footballers is a big Crack in the

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Racism.among the footballers is a big Crack in the Team work and must be eliminated at all costs. You hear of Footballers being hated for the colour of their skin, which is as bad as animals and those who support the racist players, they are worse than the animals. No sensible person would support a racist player as it creates hatred among the player and cauaes a big Crack in the Teamwork not worth the price of the Racist player.
Support should encourage people to overcome the colour barrier as the skills count there and not the colour of the skin. This was encouraged in India by Satguru Angad Dev Ji by promoting wrestling Bouits leading to strong physical bodies, the Temple of God and Agape, the Divine Love. A person is born in a country or parents not of his own freewill but by the Will of our Father. So, in God, we are Brethren whether you are an Englishman, Africal, Asian, etc.

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