1/3/2012 -- BeanoBlack sees it -- Sakurajima Volcano NEW YEARS DAY

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Jan 5, 2012
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This is the EXACT same upload I put out on January 1 2011 . Compare to the original that I put out 3 days ago. Full length. Here is my original upload .. www.youtube.com Notice anything? How about a missing opening? Missing lightning bolt, and a different cloud structure ! Here is beanoblacks video showing what he remembered seeing the day I uploaded it as confirmation that others saw this video in its original full length --- www.youtube.com His presentations are always esoteric and fun! worth the subscription !!! his work is valued by myself and several other contributors ! www.youtube.com and indeed, as beanoblack points out.. the most important part of the video I UPLOADED was mysteriously removed AFTER upload to the system. Over 1 minute of missing footage.. In NO WAY was this video "edited/photoshopped"... no clouds added or removed etc.. no lightning added or removed... the ONLY thing I do to any sakurajima video is 2x speed .. never removes ANY frames.. only for appearance purpose to get a smooth 1080p HD image. In otherwords.. the footage is original and not missing a single frame, and in HIGHER definition than the 720p feed that comes from sakurajima. The only reason I can think of that would make sense as to WHY "someone" would remove that footage --- is that on the same day as this eruption, there were two back to back 7.0M earthquakes south east of japan.. sakurajima is on the south tip of japan .. fairly close to the epicenters of the quakes. Maybe they don ...

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