12/31/2011 -- Youngstown, Ohio -- Man Made earthquakes -- FRACKING blamed as official cause

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Here is the blog post with the updated USGS statistics and the MSM story confirming that indeed DEEP EARTH PENETRATION is taking place at the earthquake epicenter. sincedutch.wordpress.com past posts I've done on 'frac well' drilling/injection/pumping: sincedutch.wordpress.com ----------------------------------------------- "..because every dark cloud has a silver IODIDE lining" ** DONATION OPTION ** The help of the individual viewer is needed ! :^) I have rejected corporate sponsorship, and advertisements ! This is a good thing! In exchange for not having ads, or bending to a corporate sponsor... I have decided to offer a simple donation option . Secure link to donation page here: www.paypal.com Please only give if you really enjoy my findings, and can afford to help in this hard economic time! Thank you ahead of time for thinking of helping , and many thanks to all who have helped in the past ! ------------------------------------------- another way you can help on a low budget... DOWNLOAD THE DUTCHSINSE RINGTONES / songs / album here : from .49 cents to .99 cents !!! market.android.com ***** ALL funds will be used to pay for the .com websites/bandwidth, pay the internet bill, and to further spreading of the message about weather modification, and earth changes news

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