1/4/2012 -- Charleston, South Carolina -- MAN MADE earthquake @ phosphate mine

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Jan 6, 2012
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If you live in the area.. the time to take out earthquake insurance is NOW ! no joke. Just ask the people in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Virgina, or Texas. Houses totally damaged in those area from "man made" fracking/drilling/mining/nuclear plant earthquakes. I have proved this time and time again using satellite screenshot evidence. Basically put.. right now as things stand with the global earthquake uptick -- anywhere that we see deep shafts dug into the north american craton "laurentia" .. whether they are fracking / frack well sites, deep earth mines, nuclear plants with deep shafts dug, or oil well drilling operations... .all across the board these sites are having increased earthquake activity due to the GLOBAL unrest effecting these "shafts". Full blog post with satellite screenshot proof of the old facility at the epicenter: sincedutch.wordpress.com 3.0miles deep.. 2.6 magnitude earthquake.. same as 3 weeks ago -- same location around the mine .

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