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12/31/2011 Allentown Pennsylvania center of town is SINKING


Get this to anyone you know in Pennsylvania -- specifically in Allentown PA --- THEY DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH ! Full blog post with screenshots / links here: sincedutch.wordpress.com ----------------------------------------------- "..because every dark cloud has a silver IODIDE lining" ** DONATION OPTION ** The help of the individual viewer is needed ! :^) I have rejected corporate sponsorship, and advertisements ! This is a good thing! In exchange for not having ads, or bending to a corporate sponsor... I have decided to offer a simple donation option . Secure link to donation page here: www.paypal.com Please only give if you really enjoy my findings, and can afford to help in this hard economic time! Thank you ahead of time for thinking of helping , and many thanks to all who have helped in the past ! ------------------------------------------- another way you can help on a low budget... DOWNLOAD THE DUTCHSINSE RINGTONES / songs / album here : from .49 cents to .99 cents !!! market.android.com ***** ALL funds will be used to pay for the .com websites/bandwidth, pay the internet bill, and to further spreading of the message about weather modification, and earth changes news

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  • Psychoknot#

    Psychoknot January 10, 2012 9:45:24 AM CET

    ohhh and in other news they are breaking ground in the down town area for our new 50 million dollar hockey arena

  • Psychoknot#

    Psychoknot January 10, 2012 9:30:16 AM CET

    yeah this town is going under,sinkhole and gasline explosions happen in this town every 6months or so as far back as i can remember - i don't know if i would relate this to harp because this town has underground pipes older than a hundred years - its fun living in a town where you are unsure whether you're gonna be pulled under or blown sky high - kinda like living with a bipolar suicidebomber by the way i live just a few blocks away from both of those sites and just a couple of days ago another house just up the street had an underground explosion

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