Kosher makes you phsically fit whilst Gospel makes

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Kosher makes you phsically fit whilst Gospel makes you spiritually strong.


Christ Jesus stressed this that in Kosher what goes into your mouth that matters and it comes out from the back passage. Rabbis are your teachers and they control the Disciples what they should eat or not eat in order to have a healthy physical body and be a strongman to live free of diseases. Rabbis are like the physicians or modern GPs. The Disciples used to pay their tributes to the Rabbi after becoming well again from their sickness. That is why Christ Jesus was sending the people cured of the physical diseases back to their Rabbis so that the Rabbis, Priests in Moses or Adam, could appreciate the Anointed Royal High Priest of God and pay Him His due honour but they being spiritually blind worse than the Natural man used to be jealous of Him. In Christ Jesus, we do not feed our physical body but to our spiritual Mouth mind called MUNN in Punjabi and NAFS in Arabic, that listens to whatever the people say. Then, this spiritual food, evil or holy is taken to our heart, the spiritual stomach for digestion. Then, Christ in your heart has the winnowing Fire to test what is holy and what is evil. Holy thoughts are given the Gospel colour and uttered through your mouth, the front passage. Thus, what comes out of the back passage is filthy and you would not like to even touch whilst in spirit, what comes of your mouth is sweet and people enjoy sharing or eating your Flesh.

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