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The Most Important Video You'll Ever See (1 of 8)


These are the single most important videos you will ever watch, and I am not joking. Why ? I will let you find out for yourself.

Do not be fooled by the presentation.

This video is neither boring or irrelevant, it is hard and cold facts which you will certainly find disturbing and enlightening. This "IS" the truth you have been looking for.

Dr. Albert A. Bartlett's lecture on "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy, and just what we as a species have in store for us in the very near future.

So strap in, buckle up, and prepare to face the abyss, before it faces you!

The Rule of 7.

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  • Troll2rocks#

    Troll2rocks January 8, 2012 4:03:26 PM CET

    Shows the mentality of some on this site to rate this "educational" video as "one" star, when this actually contains more truth and fact than 99% of the rubbish ever posted on this site.Bravo retard, go post some more reptilian bullshit. Not enough cool flashy CGI or Ancient Aliens in this video for the intellectually brain dead it would seem.Sorry for the rant, but I noticed that all 8 videos were rated one star by the same person, in less time than it would take to watch them. So in other words, they didn't even fucking watch. Shame on you.The words " ignorant arrogant and moron " were invented for people like that.

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