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The Most Important Video You'll Ever See (8 of 8)


These are the single most important videos you will ever watch, and I am not joking. Why ? I will let you find out for yourself.

Do not be fooled by the presentation.

This video is neither boring or irrelevant, it is hard and cold facts which you will certainly find disturbing and enlightening. This "IS" the truth you have been looking for.

Dr. Albert A. Bartlett's lecture on "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy, and just what we as a species have in store for us in the very near future.

So strap in, buckle up, and prepare to face the abyss, before it faces you!

The Rule of 7.

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  • Quincy#

    Quincy January 9, 2012 9:18:38 PM CET

    Excellent video series, thanks for uploading. I think, however, that the population problem is about to be dealt with on not only a global scale but nationally here at home as well.I can only hope that on that day I'm close enough to ground zero to be vaporized at the instant of detonation.I hope the libraries will be spared in the hopes that survivors, who once again aim mankind towards the top of the food chain,can learn in time what we learned too late.

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