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Sighting Above Chemtrail


  • Disclosure#

    Disclosure January 10, 2012 3:07:49 AM CET

    Good catch there. Definitely looked intelligently controlled. I use to take photos of chemtrails years ago and thought I captured some orb-like craft hovering over the trails too, as if they were monitoring the chemtrails. Like some kind of quality control shit maybe. It makes me really wonder who exactly is behind the chemtrail operations and what is the agenda of the craft or orbs seen to be in the vicinity of those toxic ribbons in the sky. I'm wondering if anybody else here notices that when you see the trails, the next day or sooner, it rains. They spray in front of fronts to disperse the particulates because it's "clean air". If poster actually caught this, keep looking up and spreading the word, I'm right there with ya bro

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