Ron Paul Media Ambush 1/9/2012

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Media mob chases Ron Paul from campaign stop in New Hampshire
By Josh Lederman - 01/09/12 09:35 AM ET

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A campaign stop at a New Hampshire eatery unraveled into a bit of a circus when the media scrum chasing Ron Paul apparently became too much for the 76-year-old Texas congressman to handle.

Paul had been planning to make the rounds through Moe Joe’s restaurant before settling down to eat breakfast with his wife, Carol — who said he enjoys apple pancakes — at a table in the corner.

But the plans quickly changed. Barely able to move through the restaurant as hundreds of journalists and videographers surrounded him on all sides, Paul ignored the questions being lobbed at him and slowly inched through the restaurant, offering a few autographs to supporters along the way.

“Guys, you’ve got to take it easy,” shouted one Paul staffer, imploring the media to give the congressman some space.

No such luck.

“Ron Paul: We have you surrounded. We are the media,” sounded the voice from a megaphone as Paul staffers ushered him into a waiting SUV, just minutes after he arrived at the restaurant.

Holding the megaphone was a man dressed roughly as a wizard, with shaggy hair and tousled beard, wearing a massive black boot upside down on his head. -




This was a planned ambush on Ron Paul complete with the back drops of "crazy Ron Paul supporters" and someone by the name of "Vermin Supreme" that happened to show up just as the media did. Anyone can see this was a complete setup to try to block Ron Paul from meeting with his supporters and those who would like to know more about him.

The reporter in this video slants the interview to give the impression that Ron Paul is to blame for leaving the frenzy, not giving others the opportunity to meet with him. The woman in the video is clearly upset but is led exactly where the reporter wants her to go. - To fulfill their agenda against Ron Paul.

CNN made it sound like Paul was ignoring voters, but as the video reveals the media made it impossible for the congressman to talk to people.

"The liberal loon Alinskyites who dominate the media have developed a new ploy: mob the candidate they don't like to block him from interacting with the people.

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