Kayak fisherman rescuses dog; end to a grisly tale

  • Uploaded by Djdamm on Jan 10, 2012
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A fisherman kayaking off the Gulf of Mexico ov erthe weekend rescued a dog swimming for its life,off the Siesta coast.What initially seemed a bizare rescue,turned out to be a horrific tragedy.When a drunk driver fatally struck the dogs owner in a hit and run accident approx 1 mile off the coast.Donna chen 53 was found face down on the pavement that afternoon,while her dog was no where to be seen[Barney].Blake talman was fleeing another crash scene when his nissan altima spun out of control, striking chen and barney,as well as a street sign a telephone line and several wooden poles at the entrance to a church.Talman and partner were taken to hospital for their injuries.Barney is expected to make a full recovery and is now with family.Talman 22 is charghed with DU Imanslaughter,DUI property damage and personel injury.

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