Nasa's Dirty Tricks

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a short video showing most of the tricks nasa uses in their images

the shard,tower,face,city,pyramids,space station on mars etc are all utter BS and real guys covering this are the people that do not receive payments to lie to people

ive contacted 4 of these famous people personally and even they dont give you the full story.

the best images for the moon are from Zond 6 1968, lunar orbiter 1966, selene/kaguya 1997

found at

*you can find alot of stuff at the North & South Poles also some mid-section, turn up your contrast on your moniter it will help you find them

for other moons & planets look here


this will be my last video & i will not respond to any debating on this because ive done the 4 years of hardcore research and nothing is gonna change my mind sorry.
bottom line is the moon landings are fake and there are aliens on the moons and planets of OUR solar system.

*Please ignore the usual a** ole comments & down raters'

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