Shadow Versus Real:-To once-born people, what they

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Shadow Versus Real:- To the once-born people, what they see is Real but for the Twice-born, a Shadow-1.
Adam (Shadow) versus God (Real) -
Rabbis (Shadow) versus Christ (Real) -

This concept of shadow and the real is quite useful to understand both the old and the New covenants. Without understanding this basic concept, you will not understand theology at all. The other Sunday, I was in a Church telling them that the Old Testament God Yahweh, the creator of male and female is not Real as the New Testament God, Which is Spirit that only the people of spirit could grasp. Our physical body in which you have gender is not Real but the Shadow of the spirit of God that is within us. But to the Natural men of flesh, it is real and on the basis of their births, they behave like animals. Such people are egoistic and racists. Whereas the twice-born people recognise the soul within all living things and they love people without discrimination as little children do. Thus, the god of Flesh, the creator of male and female or of Nature at large is not real and for this reason, he is called a demiurge. This demiurge god of Nature is known as Yahweh in Middle East, Khuda, Brahma, etc whereas the Real God is known as the Eloheim, Allah, Par Brahm, etc, the most High Whose sons we have been made in Christ Jesus.
Now, True Rabbis used to be no slaves of Mammon or they were not hirelings and they being the shadow of the Christ, had Christs in their hearts that set them FREE and they were known as the Freemen of Society. But in this Dark Age, the Rabbis become corrupt and hypocrites for the sake of Mammon and they become the Hirelings working for the Sons of Satan, the Temple Priests, their paymasters as the present hireling Dog-Collared Priests are working for their Mammon master and hypocritically proclaim that they are the men of God. Remember a Cohen in the Temple wanted to exercise his Freewill but he was killed. When these Rabbis were not hirelings and worked for God with Christs in their hearts, then there was Light of our Father as depicted by the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person and then Christ Jesus need not come. So, in this Dark Age, John, the Baptist was a fore runner True Rabbi, Prophet Elijah who paved the way or he was a Raw Brick - Shadow - for the True Son of God, the Christ, the Fired Brick - Real. He came into the world to make us the Sons of our Real God, Father called Allah in Arabic, eternal like Himself and our Father.

Further, Sins being the transgression against the moral laws, the Milk for the once-born natural people or children, they need a Priest in Adam to administer the sins and the laws. In Jesus, we have been made the sons of Most High God and we are no more the Babies but Adults, the twice-born capable of chewing Meat or understanding the Parables that sharpen our wits. Villagers in India, would put you puzzles to solve, which is the same as the Parables. When the wits of the Labourers have been sharpened, then Christ Jesus spoke to them in straight forward language and they grasped it easily. That the Brethren were changed to Friends capable of Grafting to the True Vine Christ Jesus.
In short, the Gospel of Living Father is for the Living in spirit Labourers and not for the Dead in the Book knowledge Christians. Moreover, it originates from your own heart and not from the dead Book, the Bible.

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