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Large Halo Shrouded Star Anomaly Develops On Stereo B HI2 Jan/Feb 2012

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jan 11, 2012
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Outpost BHI2 Reports Cylon BaseStar dropped out of FTL in Sector 001. Preliminary Data suggests target is Planet Venus....
Latest Stereo Clip:

STEREO -- Heliospheric Imager Design, pre-flight and in flight response comparison:
The Heliospheric Imagers On-board the STEREO Mission:
Internal reflections of the planet Earth, as seen in the HI2-B telescope on May 5, 2007:
Same Circular 'Meatball' artifact seen every time Venus enters Stereo HI1:
Stereo HI2 Triangles Pyramids Meatballs Reflections Etc:
Hawaii IRTF Web Cameras:
How I Killed Pluto & Why It Had It Coming ~ Mike Brown:

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