Ufo Vibrational interdimensional travel and commun

  • Uploaded by Iongets on Jan 11, 2012
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Ufo (ORB) Complex color changing Ufo - in the colors background you can make out the faint outline of a shaped bell/ vase/acorn device. Its shape shifting as its high vibrational movements are captured in individual moments so the displays can be viewed.You will not see this anywhere else on the web and my investigation continues. Also I know some are waiting for the next color communication flash video .I have been working on a complex color flash video that imitates the Ufo display in a exact view. I can only say this so far - if you view this its definitely at your own risk as the possibility of this tuning your brain waves in some unknown way is possible.Color is a vibration, the color red is 430 trillion vibrations per second. So after viewing this video you will get an idea what your in for. A second video will contain ALPHA BETA THETA wave slide along with the flash communications.

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