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39. The Real 99 Percent


  • Attaboyslim#

    Attaboyslim January 13, 2012 9:29:24 AM CET

    Eennkk !!! Sorry numb-nuts, you are wrong!Nah, I'll give you this, your comments had a few valid points, a hint of common sense and at least one thought provoking heas scratcher but it was also flooded with that same old "AM Radio-Talking Points-Spin-'I voted Republican' horse shit that sounded like Rush Limbaugh may have helped you write it beforehand. Now, while I don't speak for the entire Wall Street Movement, I will suggest you try and understand that it was not simply a bunch of lunatics who suffered from a similar delusional pipe dream. Certainly, it would have been phenomenal: had all of the criminals who were responsible, simply given up and came out with their hands raised in the air but no one I know expected that to happen. Instead, as I see it, it was more of a situation to say, "Game Over!"Game over to Wall Street, to the Lobbyist, to the corrupt Politicians-Judges & Lawyers and to say, "Hey World ... You with us on this?" The fact that the Police became so vicious, provided clear proof that they too, were a part of the cabal and could no longer be trusted. When you suggested that, "We" took money from some and gave to others ... etc., I realized that you were brain damaged. No Sir, "We" did not. "They", as in the people who were a part of the sinister plot to begin with ... our Politicians ... the people we, supposedly voted into office and it brought to the forefront, the inescapable proof that the FED was a criminal enterprise. Your spiel on Capitalism gave Limbaugh a boner, I'm sure, but the point is that nothing ... NOTHING is sound as long as the current system is in effect.Are you freaking aware that your beloved capitalism ... and the sickening greed it is associated with, are responsible for companies like Monsanto and similar companies who have become, "Official People"? Oh, people who are purchasing the rights to the worlds seeds, forcing genetically modified foods on the public (without testing), produced codex-alimentarius and the plan of outlawing vitamins and minerals in favor of prescriptions ... at a cost, are taking over the water supplies of the planet and fluoridating it so will will be less docile and are spraying poisons into the air for the same reason? Not no but Hell No to Capitalism in this greedy world!I just pray to God that the world can remember what happened instead of totally forgetting, as usual and re-trusting the same assholes again. As for you Sir, work on you report a little further and try and make it a little more realistic this time. I'll expect it on my desk by Monday. And shut the door on your way out. :)

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