Truth is shadow to the kingdom of heaven whilst Me

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Truth is shadow to the kingdom of heaven whilst Mercy is to the Royal Kingdom of God-1.

Coming events cast their shadows is a well known saying and we can apply this concept to the above spiritual Kingdoms that foretell what type of people you will come across in a village or town. Now, if the people have conscience and they are proud of their tribal elders as the Samritan woman at well in John4 proudly told Christ Jesus that they drink water from the Jacob’s well, then such people have conscience or shame of their tribal elders and Christ Jesus rightly called them the salt of the earth, the twelve that were baptised by John, the Baptist in water in the name of Abraham. Stephen tried to make the Temple Priests the sons of Abraham but they preferred to be known as Jews outwardly in rituals and not inwardly of the spirit. Saltless people have no tribal conscience or shame and this is clear what they did to Christ Jesus, St.James, the Just, Stephen, etc. The result, the village people started to kill these outwardly Jews in the villages forcing them to run to Jerusalem for safety, Roman encircled them and those robbers that were release in exchange for Jesus robbed them of their food even. That was real Hell created by the greedy and hypocrite Temple Priests. Today, the replacement of Temple Priests are these Dog-Collared hirelings of Mammon creating sectarian riots by making people Christians of rituals and forms. So, in short if the people have conscience, they will speak the truth, love justice to create a safe kingdom of heaven. And where the people have no conscience, Saltless, liars and cheat hypocrites, there the people will cut the throats of each other making it a kingdom of hell. Rabbis, the rulers held the keys to the Kingdom of heaven when they themselves had the tribal conscience, were truthful with the Light of Christ, the knowledge of Oral Torah, the very ROOT of the sound moral laws. They were merciful but in this Dark age of greed, they themselves lost all the qualities of a good Priesthood but have become victims of Mammon fleecing people left and right, then they created a kingdom of hell needing the very Royal High Priest of the Most High to give a shower of His Word for the Royal Priesthood of common men, who were kept alienated from God, our Father. Jews are still forbidden not to speak of the Most High Father. Blind Rabbis have still a hold on them and that is why Christ Jesus proclaimed that unless you renounce the will of your mother and father, you cannot join me.
Now, the Royal Kingdom of God is the very Kingdom where our Father is and so we reach our place of Rest or Salvation. To introduce to us this Most Precious Royal Kingdom, that our Father sent His very anointed Son Christ Jesus. He picked up the pre-destined Labourers for the Vineyard of our Father where He had Planted the True Vine to emulate themselves and get Grafted. The Shadow of this Royal Kingdom is Mercy. So, where you find merciful people, there you will find the very Royal Kingdom of God. Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person was a typical example of the People of the Royal Kingdom of God. But if there are cruel people who for the sake of Mammon will take your skin as well, then they belong to the Evil Kingdom of Satan as the Rabbis in Jerusalem were and the Patron Saint of the Gentile James, the Just used to defend the victims of fraud and cheating. In the Evil Kingdom of Satan, Falsehoods, the sugar-coated Tablets, are served to lure their victims as most Churches proclaim that Christ Jesus died for your sins when Christ Jesus being of the Spirit has nothing to do with sins but Righteousness of heart. Rabbi, John, the Baptist died fighting the sinners. Now, I feel that I have produced enough videos for people to understand the basics and I do not need to write those simple Gospel Truth anymore.

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