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1/13/2012 -- Radiation Test -- SNOW precip. -- St. Louis, Missouri USA -- 42.9 CPM

Many thanks to INTERNATIONAL MEDCOM for the Inspector Alert: Watch some of the radiation measurement videos I have done (across the USA) here: ALL the Radiation tests done this past year I put out via video: There is a video going around (past day) from POTRblog showing high radiation levels in the St. Louis Missouri snow... I did my own measurements, and did not get the same results he is getting. My results show "moderate" levels .. mid range.. far below the 100CPM alert threshold. Roughconversion chart for CPM to mSv/h is here: Measurement of snow precipitation from Saint Louis Missouri USA 1/13/2012... was 42.9CPM..... It indicates " moderate levels" of radiation. Alert level is considered anything over 100CPM by the radiation network ... Again, today's measurement, taken over the course of 10 minutes, was 42.9 CPM. ************* statistics Total 10 minute count = 429 = 42.9 CPM Location: South St. Louis City Elevation : 620ft. Measurement taken: ten mintue long CPM measurements using the "inspector alert" nuclear radiation monitor (geiger counter) from the inspector alert geiger counter manual: "CPM (or CPS) and total counts are the most direct methods of measurement; mR/hr (or uSv/hr) is calculated using a conversion factor optimized for Cesium-137, so this mode is less accurate for other radionuclides, unless you have calibrated the "geiger counter" for a specific radionuclide using an ...

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