Pop Odyssey Radio 2012 Show with Remote Viewer Aaron C. Hanson

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January 3rd, 2012 21:15 EST - Join hosts R. Gary Patterson and Stephen Wren with their fascinating guest Psychic Aaron C. Hanson as he outlines the year 2012 and beyond. As Aaron puts it, "Those who best question the sum of their own reality amidst the violation of all that can be expected within the coming months and possibly years, will in fact succeed beyond all measure." He will also discuss why a President Romney is important to counter the rise of an immoderate Caliphate, the looming war with Iran, psychic functioning, energy independence, and safe nuclear technology.

ABOUT Pop Odyssey Radio (Hosts Stephen Wren & R. Gary Patterson) -- If you're one of those talk radio enthusiasts that enjoys listening to the strange and unusual, take a moment and check out Pop Odyssey Radio with hosts R. Gary Patterson and Stephen Wren. Every Tuesday and Thursday night Patterson and Wren broadcast another live segment, bringing to their listeners an array of fascinating and compelling topics in the areas of the paranormal, rock and roll, pop culture, and general entertainment. Many of these shows dig into the unsolved side of stories and they rehash the events and bring on special guests and celebrity icons to interview as they explore and investigate for themselves the fact and fiction behind some of pop culture's most famous cases. With such a wide variety of topics and discussions, one thing is for sure: there's never a dull moment at Pop Odyssey Radio if you have an interest in any of the related subjects. Pop Odyssey Radio airs live at 8p Central, 9p Eastern, and 2a GMT and may be accessed at http://www.popodysseyradio.com Airing Monday & Thursday Nights 11e/10c/8p!

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