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The Time Has Come America !

  • Renseor
  • uploaded: Jan 16, 2012
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Heretic Productions present: Alexander Massa's The Time Has Come America!. www.rense.com In perhaps the most heinous act of high treason of all recorded history, American citizens were callously murdered for the benefit of AIPAC and the money changers what better time than the tenth anniversary of 9/11 to make a renewed effort to, in true Christ-like fashion, drive out the money changers from the national temple? The Zionists are not satisfied with your selfless blood sacrifice for their wholly selfish needs. Indeed, they will never be satisfied until the last drop of Gentile blood is shed on the field of battle. The souls of the dead cry out to Heaven for justice, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. What will YOU do, fellow American? Pick up a rifle and don a helmet for Israel? Or, rather, will you arm yourself with the Constitution, a burning sense of conviction, a keen sense of righteous indignation, and oust the traitors from office? Original Up-loader and Full Credit to www.youtube.com

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  • notonoahidelaw#

    notonoahidelaw October 20, 2013 12:50:58 PM CEST

    hey Renseor, i'm notonoahidelaws, i kinda of new here, not really set my account up yet. but any way i'm trying to find info on this here Alexander J Massa who wrote this @ Rense.com. I need to get in touch with him and was hoping you could help me out? please if you do, you can reach me @ no.to_noahide_laws@yahoo.com or notonoahidelaws@gmail.com. i'd sure appreciate it.

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