North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il

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I grabbed this footage from DPRK state media.

More info here:

- Fascinating article about North Korea's theatrical public mourning, from the New Yorker: "Grief took on a competitive quality. Who could weep the loudest?"

- The kind of public display in this video is not rare in North Korea. Here's another example of mass hysteria / outpouring of grief after the death of Kim Jong Il's father Kim Il Sung, in 1994

- Two interesting images after Kim Jong Il's death, in Pyongyang ... and a Korean immigrant in Los Angeles, upon hearing the news

- Here's the last distributed photo of Kim Jong Il before his death... riding a supermarket escalator

- A great gallery of photos "Inside North Korea" by David Guttenfelder

- Iconic image of Kim Jong Il with his son Kim Jong Un, from October 2010 This was a World Press Photo award winner, taken by Vincent Yu.

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