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M0-1056 furnace filters Amana Goodman 1888-301-3337

Description: M0-1056 furnace air filter from Amana and Goodman.Electro-Air, CNC1625; Coleman CEMU1625, CENC1625; FPBB1625, FPMU1625, FPNC1625; Five Seasons FSBB1625, FSMU1625, FSNC1625; Goodman GBB1625, GMU1625; Nordyne 918376, 919060; Totaline P102-BB14A, P102-MF14A; York YMU1625, YNC1625. Electro-Air SAS11 air cleaners. EABB1625, EAMU1625, EANC1625; Amana ABB1625, AMU1625; Carrier CMF1625

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  • Dead7#

    Dead7 January 19, 2012 7:20:28 PM CET

    They both look crap to me. Cheap made crap

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