1/17/2012 -- USA SEVERE OUTBREAK -- LA, MS, AL, GA, KY, TN, OH, WV, VA, SC, NC, NY, VT

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DOZENS OF LINKS TO MONITOR THIS SEVERE OUTBREAK ARE BELOW : This is a very large , widespread severe weather outbreak. The south, midwest, and east coast are currently in the path of this severe line of storms. Possible tornadoes, damaging winds, strong hail, and severe thunderstorms are being produced from Louisiana.. east/northeast through all the above named states in the title. Title lists the eastern and southern portion of the United States. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, W. Virginia, New York state and NYC (city), Mass., Rhode Island, Delaware, Maine Already hit... Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana... damaging several structures, downing trees, causing power outages, and several accidents attributed to the associated weather. you can monitor this situation yourself using all these links below: : www.intellicast.com radar.weather.gov weather.cod.edu www.intelliweather.com weather.unisys.com www.eldoradocountyweather.com http nmq.ou.edu wdssii.nssl.noaa.gov www.srh.noaa.gov www.inmet.gov.br weather.rap.ucar.edu www.srh.noaa.gov cirrus.sprl.umich.edu vortex.plymouth.edu www.accuweather.com http www.atmos.washington.edu www.stormsurfing.com www.weather.com weather.engin.umich.edu www.woweather.com www.goes.noaa.gov livewxradar.com socc.caps.ou.edu www.weather.gov http www.inmet.gov.br www.met.hu www.meteoradar.ch www.metoffice.gov.uk www.t-online.de www.ndbc.noaa.gov www.baynews9.com www ...

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