Cigar UFO ? recorded during the summer of 2011 in Sweden (Delsjön).wmv

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jan 18, 2012
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Another one of those "forgotten trash footage" just taking up place on the computer..

However when i looked at it closer again about half a year later, i noticed that this might had been something strange after all. The first time i watched it a few times i thought that it was probably just an airplane flying high at an odd angle therefore it looked like a Cigar or cylinder. But when looking at it now i am still not convinced about its shape, nor the fact that it made absolutely no sound at all whatsoever. A airliner flying at that height should make a sound, it was not flying that high up so it should had been heard.

As i said earlier.. I am still not sure what i believe about this one, i am uploading it anyway.


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