Anti Christs Islam of physical bodies or secular w

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Anti Christs Islam of physical bodies or secular whilst of Christs is spiritual of spirit.Weekly on Wednesday, until 29 Feb 2012
Today, I went to Oxford to listen to a seminar by:-

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, George Street
Professor Jørgen S. Nielsen
University of Copenhagen

In Europe, who is Muslim?

He gave Muslim a secular colour preparing them for the sectarian riots in which the tribal people that were born will die. This is the Islam of Satan. INSHMULLAH ISLAM. Inshallah Islam is Shariah Free as Allah is Spirit. No moral laws in Spirit as it sets you FREE. Laws bind and Mullah is there to bind you. Fatwa of Mullahs are called INSHMULLAH and when you ask them what is INSHMULLAH no one seems to know even if they know what you mean. Same in Christianity, the edicts of Pope are INSHPOPE. Beauty is that there were many White people sitting there and all of them kept quiet. Dead in spirit men of letters. Lucky are those who go by their innerman, the Christ.

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