1/17/2012 -- SEVERE weather - Tornadoes, damaging winds, hail -- MO, IL, IN, TN, KY, OH, AL

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here is the HAARP ring forecast from 3 days ago: www.youtube.com this was the original forecast from 3 days ago: Its been a short while since any noticeable frequency spikes into the high RF -- what I call "HAARP rings" . This time, its in the middle of winter -- we shall have to wait and see if severe (damaging winds, hail, tornadic, or strong winter storms) hits these locations: Hytop Alabama Hendersonville Tennessee Rousseau Kentucky Wilmington Ohio Decatur Indiana Possibly Lincoln Illinois as well. Watch these areas for 48-72 hours at the most (from 1/14). In the warmer months, these frequency spikes have a tendency to be hit with severe weather --- we shall see what the winter produces using these same frequency 'anomalies'.

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