Awesome Face Captured In Northern Lights 2012

A photographer trying to capture the Northern Lights in Canada was astonished to see a face in one of his pictures. Jonathan Tucker, 25, snapped the image in Marsh Lake in Yukon, Canada with a 30 second exposure on his camera. It was only later that he noticed "strong facial features" such as a nose, chin and smiling mouth among the swirling green lights. The spectacular light display lasted for an hour but Mr Tucker, from Yukon, only spotted the face when looking at his photographs later in the day. He said: "When you look at this photo you can certainly see very strong facial features like the nose, eye and chin. "The face even looks like it has hair and to me it looks like it's smiling. I was shocked. This is very rare." Click Here For High Resolution Image: ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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