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1959 Monorail Dedication

  • Extraett
  • uploaded: Jan 20, 2012
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The opening ceremonies for the Monorail. With Richard Nixon, Walt Disney, and Dick's kids. This is a pretty funny video to watch.

Also includes a small briefing on what exactly a monorail is.

A special for the 4th anniversary of the park.

I will not post the entire broadcast because it really is just dull. AND PACKED WITH KODAK SPOTS. However, I am uploading the key moments.

Parade Highlights
Matterhorn Opening
Monorail Opening
Submarine Voyage Opening
Submarine Voyage Ride Thru from '59
Some other stuff...

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  • Rcoppock#

    Rcoppock March 5, 2012 10:18:49 AM CET

    So . . . What happened to the Monorail? The last time I was there there was still one at Disneyland. Why aren't they elsewhere?

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