3 prophecies converge in 2012. Last President, Last Pope, Ariel Sharon Prophecy. Messiah Revealed.

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St Malachi's prophecy of the popes and the last pope.
C. Alan Martin and the prophecy of the last president.
Rabbi Yizhak Kadima, 108 dies leaving behind a secret.

We are down to the 2nd to the last pope with rumors he will resign soon.
That would bring us to the very last pope of St. Malachi when the
city of Rome is prophesied by St. Malachi to be destroyed.
We are down to the very last president of C. Alan Martin's prophecy.
Rabbi Yizhak Kadima told us when Ariel Sharon dies the Messiah will return.
These three prophecies together are putting us on a fast track to
fulfillment and end times events, are you ready?


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