The True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment

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History -- History's Mysteries : True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment.

The rumors have persisted for over fifty years. They have all the trappings of fiction, yet there are those who persist on believing that the U.S. Navy actually rendered a warship invisible and teleported it to and from the Philadelphia Naval Yards in a top-secret project. THE TRUE STORY OF THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT chronicles the origins and spread of this tallest of all sailor's tall tales, revealing how research into antisubmarine technology likely provided the catalyst for the accounts and documenting stages in the story's development in the pages of pulp fiction. Of course, it wouldn't be fair to ignore the other side of the story, so HISTORY'S MYSTERIES seeks out eyewitnesses to the alleged event to hear their tales of clandestine operations and strange occurrences at the Philadelphia Naval Yards. Finally, we'll examine the science that might support the fantastic accounts in a visit to Cal Tech, where scientists are currently conducting experiments in teleportation. Travel back in time for an authoritative examination of the Philadelphia Experiment.

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