Veteran ABUSED @ Veterans Hospital Fayetteville AR

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Mrs. Kathleen M. Carter, wife and caregiver to Mr. Lynn E. Carter, who is crippled with Parkinson's Disease
The Evening of June 15, 2011 VA Hospital ER Fayetteville Arkansas
When we pulled up to the Emergency Room, I pulled into the drive thru, and a male EMPLOYEE Came out and RUDELY told me I could NOT park here because it was the ambulance entrance that would have to move my car down the hill and go in through the emergency room check in. I got back in the car, and pulled down the hill and went up the stairs and went to the check in desk. When I told the employee at the desk what was going on, he told me to pull my car BACK up the hill to where I just was because they would have to get my husband out of the car and into a wheelchair. I walked back to the car, backed up the hill to the door and they came out and put my husband in a wheel chair and wheeled him back to the check in desk. In a few minutes they came and got us and a nurse checked us in and asked us all kinds of questions about what was going on. After she was finished, they took my husband back to a room in the ER where we were for the next 5 hours. Five hours in which my husband lay in pain and his own URINE, FECES, and STINCH.
When we were leaving the VA hospital, when I went to go out the door we came in, I was trying to push/force it open and the HIPPIE looking guy behind the desk RUDELY YELLED “Don’t do that, you’ll break the door", "we have to push the button”, and I said to him “Then open the damn door!” So he pushed the button, the door opened, and I went and got the car and came back for my husband. I was the one who was mad, not my husband. My husband "Lynn E. Carter" was out DUE TO THE STROKE not at all mad or upset. We then drove to Fort Smith AR to Sparks Reginal Medical Center where my husband, Lynn E. Carter was hospitalized, and treated with human dignity. This was totally time lost in a possible life/death situation. We are honest law abiding Christian, United States citizens. We Vote, we pay our taxes on time every year and we also contribute to charities. How can our country allow this to happen?
June 15, 2011 was a night of PURE LIVING HELL FOR US. My husband still suffers mental anguish due to the events of June 15, 2011 at the Veterans Hospital ER, Fayetteville Arkansas.
This issue is ignored by the office of President of the United States, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Washington politicians, Gov Mike Beebee of AR. US Veterans Administration, VA Hospital Administrators, and other political constituents. Jan/22/2012
Kathleen M. Carter, Wife and caregiver of Mr. Lynn E.Carter, Fort Smith AR Jan/22/2012

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