Ron Paul Will Win The Presidential Election 2012 - Here's The Proof !!

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jan 23, 2012
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This is Proof: (Updated stats: Jan. 13th 2012). Ron Paul will win the presidential election in 2012. These are the main candidates for the upcoming elections. Notice the number of Likes and dislikes on each video. Ron Paul Dominates all by Thousands of percent. And there is more proof on the video response below from all official youtube accounts and linked to that one is the facebook proof, soon ill upload the twitter proof and more. This is our new President. Dr. Ron Paul. Please keep up the good work and victory is ours. Gain Liberty. End Debt. Vote Ron Paul! New Hampshire Speech By All Presidential Candidates. PLEASE VIEW EVIDENCE: Below... STATS UPDATED: JAN. 13th 2012 11am London

Rick Santorum:
(2989 views - 15 likes 130 dislikes)

Newt Gingrich:
(4,082 views - 20 likes / 163 dislikes)

Jon Huntsman:
(5,387 views - 45 likes 144 dislikes)

Mitt Romney:
(50,600 views - 386 likes 913 dislikes!!) and they call him the winner! hahahah

(175,920 views - 4,686 likes - 73 dislikes.)

Now YOU tell me who is gonna win. It's an obvious landslide victory.

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