How the Jewish people hate Gospel and love Mammon?

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How the Miser Jewish people hate Gospel and love Mammon? Or Love Evil and hate philanthropy.
Hi Brethren,
I happen to attend a Seminar in Oxford entitled, Moral Evil in Practical Ethics Conference after being put on the waiting list as if many are coming but there were many seats vacant. A man from Nottingham came after being on the waiting list and he was asked to wait. I got my confirmation a day before it began. Most of the speakers talked about the evil of mass murders, holocausts, sexual evil, etc. but none of them hit the nail over the head that Mammon is the root of all the evils. I tried to give them Biblical example of the young Jewish rich man who approached Christ Jesus how could he be Perfect? Christ Jesus knew that he has become rich by fleecing the poor making them worse financially that led to begging, prostitution and other evils that existed in the Jewish society. So, Christ Jesus rightly told him to return the money back to the poor which you have fleeced and you shall be Perfect. But the young Jewish man loved Mammon more than the people and so he pulled a long face and went away. On the other hand the Gentile or the Samaritan society was neither rich nor poor because they did not fleece each other or loved Mammon more than people. Remember, the story of the wounded person that the Samaritan looked after and paid for his medical bill called Philanthropy whereas the miser Rabbi, Pharisee, etc. passed by in case they have to spend money on helping him. I tell you the Philanthropist merciful Samaritan belonged to the Royal Kingdom of God where Mammon is a mean and not the End whereas for the Jews Mammon was the End and not the human being. Love of Mammon, Greed, is called Darkness and that is why Christ Jesus came among his own miser people of Darkness but they hypocritically killed Him and His Labourers Stephen, St. James, the Just, Apostles, etc. It was the love of Mammon that led them into Holocausts and you cannot blame Hitler for killing them. In fact, Jew being the spiritual self, inwardly, not a single Jew died during the Holocausts but the spiritually blind Disciples of the Blind Rabbis that belonged to different tribes. Gentile did not leave their country as they did not love Mammon but they were contented with their lot. They enjoyed Freedom whilst the Jews became the slaves of other Gentile nations and suffered for their Love of Mammon. You cannot say this for every body and there were Philanthropist Jews as well, who paid out of the surplus as they did in Temple when a widow put her very mite. Mammon rich countries make weapons of mass destruction without any restrictions whilst a poor country of Gentile is not allowed to so but to buy from them. Is that treating others as you wished to be treated? That is not Christianity but the hypocrisy of the sons of Satan that Christ Jesus condemned the most. In Jesus, sins carry no weight but righteousness. Judge for yourself how righteous are these Mammon worshipping countries where the Banks are supported through public money and the Bankers cheat that very public. Thus, greater the disparity between the rich and poor, greater is there the moral evil. This statement of mine was not liked by a Jewish lady Professor and assessed me a problematic person. She being not a Christian does not know that Christ Jesus was a problematic person for the Jews as well. In fact Gospel is a problem for hiring Priests in Churches too as their paymaster is Mammon and they are no Freer as I am but bound by their Church rules or constitutions. That leaves a very Few Labourers for the Royal Kingdom of God to fight the hypocrisy. No wonder I am hated in the Churches as well. Our anointed Elder Brother predicted that the situation would become worse than before in Matt.12.v43-45, the parable of arid Temple Priests who were sacked from the Temple after its destruction in filtered into the Church of God bringing with them the forbidden Jewish Leaven, the written Torah that poisoned the Church and killed the Light creating Darkness greater than before. Pope started killing people especially the Gentile Apostles, left and right creating such havoc that Hazrat Mohammed Sahib had to put an end to their atrocities. Presently, these Middle East troubles are created by the sons of Satan and they will create a Monster that would lead to serious sectarian riots. Finally, in this Dark Age, you cannot blame a third person but you yourself for keeping in the Darkness.

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