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VIRAL VIDEO ALERT - Main stream news covers MAJOR OUTBREAK of Strange Noises and sounds!

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Jan 25, 2012
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  • Sosayit#

    Sosayit January 30, 2012 9:05:41 PM CET

    the inner radiation belt is about 4000 miles altitude, basically outside our atmosphere by a good distance , as I understand it , sound can't travel through this media

  • Sosayit#

    Sosayit January 30, 2012 8:55:06 PM CET

    why are my comments being removed ?

  • Jovicevic#

    Jovicevic January 30, 2012 3:22:11 PM CET

    At first I was sure thats nothing else but one more of sick jokes like " Alien presence in McBurger 100 % proof". Then I remembered War of the Worlds movie sounds - when Tripods attacking, even more sure that someone picked up and manipulate soundtrack in order to "Impress us" with another ill, stupid video. Now I do not know what to think, except (and that's the reason I'm writing this) "professors explanation" about normal electromagnetic "whole natural" everyday present sound, meaning he, personally is not so sound...

  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos January 30, 2012 1:27:47 PM CET

    Already debunked. If you were so "awake", you'd know to do research on things instead of just believe videos that pop up.

  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos January 30, 2012 1:25:38 PM CET

    Dude... These videos have been debunked in like 5 different ways. Give me a break. I thought this was interesting too, until I heard the same birds chirping at the same time the same noises were going off in different parts of the world ;)

  • Tug77#

    Tug77 January 30, 2012 12:47:14 PM CET

    hi dudes , i am trying to do some back ground research on the so called expert and his institute there funding and motivations , his explanation needs proving , he seems a bit flippant in his explanations, so if any one can email me any info on the dude and his work, i would be grateful.echo_info@hotmail.com tug77 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZLlgpAqcW4

  • Rela8#

    Rela8 January 30, 2012 7:56:42 AM CET

  • Roadrunnermike#

    Roadrunnermike January 30, 2012 7:55:05 AM CET

    Its HAARP, They must be testing the system and showing off,,FuKKKn With Us, the NWO, Globalists must be ready to make something happen soon,,This is Worldwide, check YouTube, over 5000 vids come up for Strange sounds around the world

  • Michael777#

    Michael777 January 30, 2012 12:04:26 AM CET

    If these sounds are "natural electronic sounds" why is it a mystery.... and why are we only hearing them now? Oh, and project "Blue beam" is simply technology using a powerful laser to generate yellow light in the sodium layer of the atmosphere... It might make a nice local advertizing gimmic, but it certainly can't reproduce anything like some of the people are describing in the comments below.

  • Cashfreesociety#

    Cashfreesociety January 29, 2012 6:02:52 PM CET

    exactley what i was thinking.that or an elaborate hoax(allthougth thats what bluebeam is - a high tech hoax).I will add that everytime i mention blue beam on this site i get a ton of abuse.so many fools WANT to believe the whole alien thing,but if you ask me there is no diference betwen these folks and christians.Both groups believe someone is going to come here and save them,without ever stoping to think that it is within their/our power to save ourselves

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