Apollo 16 EVA-3 Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Technology Transfer team in action

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This is just a short video sequence showing TRANSCEPTION INCORPORATED's professional CRV team work the "shipwreck" debris field surveyed by the crew of Apollo 16 during its EVA-3.

Tasking (blind to the viewers): "Describe the most important aspects of the target at a time when intact."

This and other CRV video clips were submitted along with TRANSCEPTION's formal Recommendation for Nomination for Congressional Space Medal of Honor to the NASA Administrator, pursuant to 14 CFR §1221.2.

Near the end of this particular video clip are just a few examples of one of the professional CRVers yielding up information about the target site in response to the blind tasking given above--in REVERSE! That's right, the viewer is talking both forwards and backwards, simultaneously.

The point here being, Apollo 16 mission was NOT about "rock" collecting--it was about surveying an ancient "shipwreck" on the surface of the Moon.

A copy of the Letter of Recommendation and higher quality images of the "shipwreck" can be viewed at: www.txception.com

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