Holocausts are the result of the Chosen People bec

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Holocausts are the result of the Chosen People becoming unfaithful to Righteous Abraham. Today Fred Knoller, a 88 years old survivor of the holocaust gave a very vivid account of suffering that was very pathetic but he mixed it with humour. We also suffered a similar situation during the Partition of India when the British hypocrites divided our country for their business in arms. My father knew the religious subject and averted many attacks by telling people that Sikh or Muslim are spiritual selves that are never born and never die but the tribal selves. 2000 people of Arian tribe came to attack our village and my father turned those 2000 from foe to our best friends in Allah. Not many people have this basic spiritual knowledge as it is given by grace of our Father. So, today these unfaithful to Abraham Chosen People are getting bundled up for the Final Burning in the ensuing Atomic War.

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