You cannot buy Mercy with money as it is of our Fa

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You cannot buy Mercy with money as it is of our Father. Merciful person is a Fisher of men.
People may be able to buy worldly goods with worldly money Dollar, Pounds, Euro, etc. but money cannot buy Mercy because it is not a worldly good or commodity but spiritual of our Father. A person may be wounded in a car accident but sometimes people pass by without helping him. A similar story was told by Christ Jesus to a Lawyer, a man of Letters dry of mercy but he admitted that the Samaritan who picked up the wounded person was the true neighbour of the wounded person. Men of Letters or drunk with the old wine of the Letters, a Rabbi, a Pharisee, etc. passed by without helping him but a Samaritan of spirit came along and immediately started dressing his wounds. Later on he paid for his hospitality at the Inn and went his way without any obligation or favour. Samaritan man being of God did a Philanthropic job and earned the Treasures of our Father. Remember that in order to be in the Royal Kingdom of God, you need to have conscience called ZAMEER in Arabic, be truthful, contented and merciful. Mercy is the Light of our Father that needs to be put on the Lampstands through such organisations as Good Samaritans. Mercy is the Currency of our Father as Dollar is of Mammon. Christ Jesus told us the story of the Middle East where the Princes of Darkness ruled whilst in India, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness rule. At present the situation is so bad that if an accident happens people just pass by daring not to touch or help the victim as Police gives them trouble. Sometimes thieves plunder his possessions instead of helping the wounded person. In short, such cruel people of Darkness where Bribery is worshipped, human have no values and mercy had disappeared from that land where the Second anointed Christ Satguru Nanak Dev Ji appeared. Who can stop bribery in the land of vultures? No one and it is a joke to hold fasts to death to stop it. South India is relatively free of bribery and the people are more merciful than those in the Punjab, the epicentre of the crooks. People try to repay for the merciful deeds but their hearts know that they cannot pay for the merciful deeds of the person who saved his life.
That is why Mercy is the Light of our Father and Christ Philip proclaimed that a Gentile never dies for he does not live to die. Our Father is eternal and so are the Merciful persons, the sons of our Father. Gospel rests in the hearts of merciful persons and not of the cruel crooks.

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