Shuttle Mission STS 123 - Unidentified Objects exhibit changes in velocity vector (Raw & Enhanced)

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This presentation takes a brief look at a few anomalies that can be found in a 16-second segment of video footage shot in low-Earth orbit in March 2008, back during NASA space shuttle mission STS-123 (Endeavour). This brief clip shows multiple unidentified objects that were visible outside the shuttle, including several that exhibit changes to their velocity vectors as they float across the field-of-view. The footage concludes as the camera is abruptly panned away.

Unfortunately, based on the limited evidence available to us, there is simply no possible way for anyone to make any kind of credible size or range estimations for any of the unidentified objects seen in this sequence. As you will see, it is pretty clear that several of the objects do not maintain purely ballistic trajectories, with their movement profiles demonstrating there are indeed several subtle changes in their velocity vector occurring. One object that I focus on specifically near the end of this presentation exhibits a very dramatic change in flightpath trajectory. The object can be seen materializing into view (or into the sensitivity range of the camera system) in the lower right of screen shortly after the footage begins, and the flightpath deviation it exhibits is very abrupt and results in over a 90-degree change in the velocity vector.

Any flightpath deviations must be due to either some external force acting upon the object (push/pull), or alternatively, we must also consider that there could be an internal force or thrust being emitted from the object itself that accounts for the changes in trajectory/velocity observed (the second option could of course potentially denote some level of intelligent control being involved). You will also witness some objects that appear to materialize and de-materialize directly into or out of the scene (or at least into or out of the sensitivity range of the low-lux imaging system that was being employed to shoot this footage).

Also please keep in mind, the fact is that there is simply no way for anyone to identify the objects seen in this brief segment of footage, so therefore, by definition, those objects must logically be classified as being "unidentified".

Of course, the term "UFO" does not necessarily mean "Alien Spacecraft". These objects can be accurately referred to as being "UFOs" because that is exactly what they are. They are anomalous, unknown objects that are clearly flying free in space that cannot be identified as being any form of known man-made structure or known celestial object. We do not know what they are, how they got there, where they came from, where they are going, or what they are doing there. By definition, that makes them "UFOs".

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