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ITANIMULLI.COM - Bluff or double bluff?

  • Harlekin
  • uploaded: Jan 27, 2012
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  • Bilofrights1689#

    Bilofrights1689 January 27, 2012 5:38:57 AM CET

    Some people want to make a conspiracy out of this, and want to know why the White House and the NSA would want an Illuminati domain to point back to their respective sites. This answer took me 1 minute to solve. The answer is that it's not their domain. I went to GoDaddy.com and did a Who-Is search for the domain's to find out who the owners are. They are owned by a two different dudes. I normally would not post someone's name and address, but in this case it is public information and is directly relevant. This is all public information that is easily accessible to anyone wanting to know. Itanimulli.us is owned by:Scott Lamb25 Venita DriveAthens, Georgia 30606United StatesGoDaddy search results: LinkItanimulli.com is owned by:John Fenley1985N 360EProvo, Utah 84604-1803United StatesGoDaddy search results: LinkAll that is going on here is this: These two guys bought the addresses, and then did a redirect for each domain. They simply made Itanimulli.us forward visitors to WhiteHouse.gov, and Itanimulli.com forward visitors to NSA.gov. Mystery solved. Nothing nefarious here. Just practical jokers creating an internet myth.

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