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Women produce eggs full of blood whilst the men supply water, Semen for fertilization to produce creation. Water represents flesh or Adam whilst the Blood, the soul or God. As without soul, a person is dead and so are the people without blood get gangrene. That is our religion which is related to our soul being called spiritual self is inwardly, invisible and indestructible whilst our bodies that represent water is born and die. Remember, a Jew is one who is inwardly or the spiritual self and that is why a person born of a Jewish woman could be a Jew. That is a great wisdom of the Chosen People but as they became spiritually blind and killed Christ Jesus, they turned the spiritual self Jew into the physical self and became unfaithful to Abraham as its link or covenant has been taken up by the spiritual self Jew. That is what the First Bishop of the Church of God, St.Stephen stressed to the Temple Priests, be a son of Abraham in flesh and copy his qualities in righteousness. But the hypocrite Temple Priests wanted Jews of physical selves and of the ritual but not the spiritual. That is, the blind Disciples incapable of thinking spiritually. Thus, they put the millstones of rituals around the necks of their Disciples too heavy for even themselves to carry. Christian Disciples are no better than the Jewish Disciples whereas in Christ Jesus, we are Labourers capable of Working in the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted. Through the Narrow Gate you enter into the Vineyard.
That is also the reason for them to drain the life giving blood off the meat before they eat it in that what belongs to God has been given to God and what to the Planet earth, we are consuming. For this reasoning in sacrifices, it is kept in mind that only the male animals and beards are sacrificed and not the female counterpart of God. This Planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of Adam, and that is why the men have the beard as the age-meter of responsibility to treat others honourably. Thus, men or male represent flesh in Adam whilst the female the spirit of God. No wonder, women love their children more than the men? Thus, seed in Adam is carried by the men whilst in God by the women. What a part played by Nature in male and female? Thus, they became unfaithful to Abraham and suffered Holocausts from the hands of those who remained faithful to their tribal fathers or selves. As soul is Universal and so are the spiritual selves but the tribal selves in Adam being the once-born natural people behave like the animals and have boundaries or countries. Twice-born know that when a person is born, he is not born of his own freewill but by the will of our Father. So, the colour of the skin or country makes no difference to the twice-born people and they exercise Agape whereas the once-born exercise Eros in which people of the same tribe and colour love each other and hate the outsiders. So, spiritual twice-born people are Universalist like the spiritual women. That is, unless you become like the little children, beardless, you cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God.

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