#1 Best Paranormal/Spiritual Activity & Images Ever Seen !

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This is by far the best paranormal/spiritual video that you will find anywhere on the net !
All power was turned off and no air or dust was circulating.
What you see is a 100% Paranormal/Spiritual event !
They all came from the nucleus of Spirit Orbs.
They all have a 3-D look to them.
They were all received from heaven, and are gifts from God !
To really see them good you will need two things.
One - to sit back from the computer 2 1/2 feet.
Two - Faith you have to have faith in God, and the more you have the better the images come out !
Note! If you look at them upside down you may even see more .
All Pictures Were Taken By Neal Farley On Jan 23rd 2012 At 1:00AM.
I live in Twinbrook Maryland in the city of Rockville.
It is one of Maryland's oldest towns, with its origins dating back to 1774.
I have a beautiful wife of 40 years of marriage, two great children, and three grandchildren.
I am a second generation medium/sensitive and I have been seeing and talking to spirits since I was three years old, that's 58 years.
I have had the spiritual light attached to me since birth, as did my grandmother before me.
Everywhere I go spirits good and bad follow me because of the light that I carry with me.
With the help of God, Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Gabriel I'm able to conduct large mass spiritual rescues weekly as well as help explain to thousands of earthbound spirits about the light and the choice they have about entering it. Here is A Link To Spirit Rescuers Of The Lost Souls;http://www.facebook.com/number1spiritconnection?sk=wall
All this is possible thanks to the power of God and the wisdom and protection of his angels which has allowed me great success with communicating with all earthbound spirit as well as those in heaven.
One large factor besides the rich history is this very special land I live on.
It has tons of pure white quartz rock, and an overabundance underground springs, as well as history that goes back to the semi-nomadic Native Americans as early as 8000 BC.

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