Israeli are the Tares getting bundled up. World wi

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Israeli are the Tares getting bundled up. World will know them by their Fruits - Hi Brethren, Please do not be upset with my e-mail. Rather be upset with the killings going on in the Middle East. This is just the beginning and Gospel Truth is a Bitt...

Israeli are the Tares getting bundled up. World will know them by their Fruits - Matt.13.v24-30. Hi Brethren,
Please do not be upset with my e-mail. Rather be upset with the killings going on in the Middle East. This is just the beginning and Gospel Truth is a Bitter Pill not easy to take. Instead of you going out, let me not disturb you anymore. Hold your Peace and SHALOM.
Dear Brother Rajinder Nijjhar,
Sadly, I think you have managed to offend most, if not all of us! I think we need to stick to the debate and avoid saying anything that could be taken as personal and offensive. We all have our own spiritual beliefs and I am sure that between us we have a wide range of beliefs. I do not think for a minute that such differences need stop us attempting to debate a subject and work together to try achieve something positive at the end.
I fear that if you continue with such a diatribe you will only succeed destroying this group.

Please get me out of this crazy chat room, on behalf of those" babies
of Satan who grow into Prince`s of Darkness`s"! Please call 999 and
ask for a Mental Health Doctor to section this poor guy and those who
sadly think alike him, Shalom, Paul
PS do those Free Tee shirts come with two extra holes for my horns?
Hi Brethren,
Situation in the Middle East is going to be worst and if you understand
Matt.13.v24-30 then you will grasp the GRAVITY OF SITUATION. These Jews are
Saltless people but most of them are concerned what is happening.
PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE BASIC WILL OF OUR FATHER. This planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of Man and not for the Jews, Hindu, Sikh, etc, the spiritual selves that are never born and never die.
In Israel, the Tares are getting bundled up for the Final Burning and what do you expect from the saltless Tares, the sons of Satan? Remember, in 64 A.D., the village people started killing Jews for killing Jesus, Stephen, St.James, the Just, etc and in 66 A.D. Roman besieged Jerusalem, put a wall around and let them die at the hands of robbers that was exchanged for Christ Jesus. So, history is going to repeat before the Atomic War.
Jewish people especially of the Judah tribe, they are Princesses of Darkness, a Baby sons of Satan whilst in India we have the Kings and Emperors of Darkness, much worst than the Babies.
Let us work together for the humanity. The Bible has all the answers but beware of the hireling Dog-Collared Anti Christ Priests who are themselves slaves to Mammon how could they know the FREEDOM that Christ Jesus brought to us through His Sacrifice as the Lamb of God? Gospel is not a Sugar-coated Tablet of Falsehood but a very Bitter Tablet for the Royal Kingdom of God.
Choice is yours.

Dear All,
It is 2am and I am contradicting doctor's orders to come to my desk to send this message, as I received at midnight a deeply upsetting message from an Israeli Jewish friend of mine in Jerusalem. At midnight tonight,Israeli soldiers accompanied a bulldozer to destroy an entire Bedouin commmunity - and a Peace Centre - in the Palesinian village of Anata just outside Jerusalem. In 2003 I was a guest of this community for 3 weeks as I joined Israelis and Palestinians, Jews Christians and Moslems in rebuilding a home that had already been destroyed 4 times, but this time the Palestinian family had requested that the home be rebuilt as a Peace Centre to bring Israelis and Palestinians together. Since then, it has been a place where Israelis and Palestinians and Internationals have met to talk to one another, listen to one another, and work together for peace, understanding, reconciliation and a just solution to the many difficulties and problems. The Bedouin (and local Palestinian) community's welcome to us all (Israelis included) was, and has continued to be in subsequent visits, generous, warm, hospitable and truly desirous of peace, equality, and mutual respect in the land. Tonight, these same people, in the middle of a cold winter's night - 100 men, women, children and babies - have been made homeless with nowhere to go. Tonight, the Israeli Goverhment has also destroyed a Centre that was built for peace and reconciliation and for 8 years has brought members of the different communities together.
The Israeli Government claim to be 'democratic', 'civilised' and 'desiring peace'. Tonight, in yet another brutal, inhumane action that defies any iota of humanitarian law or logic, the Israeli government has proved yet again that is has no right to make any such claim.
Let us pray for all the people of Israel and Palestine - for peace; for security for all; and for justice - and for the homeless families of Beit Arabiya - God knows what will come of them - and the hundreds of others who have been made homeless by Israeli policies in the past months alone.
Revd Andrew Ashdown

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