Present organised Churches where the Priests are h

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Present organised Churches where the Priests are hirelings are Of Satan. Fellowships are of God. In these Churches the hireling Priest is slave to Mammon and, therefore, he cannot Preach the Freedom of Christ Jesus. In Jesus, we are Royal Priests and there should be the Fellowship of Truth speaking people seeking His Word. Through logical reasoning, you Brew the New Wine or dig out the Buried Treasures that you buy by selling your property. This was done by the Fellows in the First Church of God, which was corrupted by the clever Defunct Temple Priests who lured the people into Churches by bringing in the forbidden Poison, the Old Testament or the written Torah, the Milk for the Babbies. These organised churches of Mammon replaced Synagogues making the situation worse than before - Matt.12.v43-45. So, Gospel is learnt through round table fellowship of the twice-born people of spirit. In God, colour of the skin or gender does not matter.

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