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Sperm zapping-- is it the new form of birth control for men? Scientists believe zapping testicles with ultrasound waves is an effective way to kill sperm. Researchers at the University of North Carolina tried out the treatment on rats. The BBC reports the findings...

"...showed that sound waves could be used to reduce sperm counts to levels that would cause infertility in humans."

Scientists found two 15-minute zaps delivered two days apart produced the most effective results. Fox News explains different sessions...

"...reduced the rat's sperm count to an index of zero, or an extremely low number of motile sperm. They also looked inside and saw that the rats had fewer sperm-making cells."

This isn't the first time scientists have tried out the zapping technique. According to CBS, a researcher tested the idea back in the 1970s- but as CBS reports, since then--

"...doctors had tried and failed to replicate [the original researcher's] findings, even when turning up the ultrasound so high that it caused skin burns."

Four decades later-- new technology has allowed scientists to revisit sperm zapping. But as one researcher tells Live Science-- this method of birth control isn't quite ready for public use.

"Further studies are required to determine how long the contraceptive effect lasts and if it is safe to use multiple times."

But if the procedure does work out-- one blogger for The Mark explains what it will mean for the average guy.

"...if the procedure is found to be safe not just on rats but also humans, then we can hope to never have to consider a vasectomy ever again."

But how will guys react to the idea of having their sperm zapped? The anchors at WPBF may give us an idea.

PAUL: I'm gonna need a moment here. Hold on.

ANCHOR: Zap! Paul's like, "Ow!" I'm like, "Really?"

SHELLI: He's a little uncomfortable.

PAUL: Alright... Well, you know. We'll see where that goes.

SHELLI: Oh, we know where it goes! We just don't know if it works!

A grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the study.

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