1/30/2012 -- Nuclear plant vents RADIOACTIVE steam onto DOWNTOWN CHICAGO

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First, i would like to say much love to the people of Chicago -- this is the last thing anyone needs to hear right about now -- but since the MSM decided to BURY this story -- Im sure it will come as a shock to a lot of people up in the great 'windy city'. If you were outside today in Downtown Chicago -- Any time after about 1030am CST -- 1/30/2012 -- chances are , you may have been exposed to NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT from the steam that was vented by the Byron Illinois / Exelon Nuclear power plant. More specifically, aerosolized particulates of Tritium were in the clouds of steam released---- those clouds then blew down wind into Chicago area proper. As to whether people inhaled these particles -- only time will tell now. They say low levels--- but if you go to my full post on this -- you will see the health risks associated with this radioactive particle. On top of fukushima (japan) radiation - this is the last thing anyone needs. Here is the full story: sincedutch.wordpress.com Here is the news bulletin in the video: www.ksdk.com Also I have assembled dozens of radiation monitoring links (click the above sincedutch.com link )... I'd like to remind everyone that there are NO "good" levels of radioactive particulates... before anyone tells me it was "safe levels".. I'd like them to go stand near those "safe levels" for a while and get back to me on their assessment. If you live in Chicago -- you DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH ! I have also included information on Tritium ...

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